CEA for the Digital Age

To be profitable in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), there is no room for inefficiency. Multiple vendors, dubious knowledge, and inferior products increase risks and should be a thing of the past. Growratio’s proprietary technology and processes form the only integrated solution that guarantees success from start to finish. Grow better, and grow profitably with Growratio.

The Complete Solution


Its time to challenge the status quo

Growratio is a collection of technology experts with over 100 years of experience in large scale horticulture, hardware development and software engineering. With rapid advancements in technological capability and a true understanding of plant science, Growratio is ushering in a new era of productivity and profitability in controlled environment agriculture.

The True Agtech Operating System

Next Generation Cloud Orchestration With Enterprise-grade Reliability

One Look and Feel

Across all Growratio products and your devices. Everything already works together.

World Class Support

Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Toronto, Canada.


Growratio Cloud

Masterfully crafted software and hardware are at the heart of the Growratio cloud and devices. A truly unique operating system for your operation, the platform allows you to proactively apply expertise across a variety of cultivation approaches. Backed by the power and reliability of Microsoft cloud for an enterprise-grade experience.

Get Connected

Control any number of rooms, across any number of facilities anywhere in the world – securely from the palm of your hand.

Never Miss a Moment

Monitor every aspect in real time. Optimize your room for thriving growth in record time

Drive Consistency

Consistently better results by creating the ideal environment each day of the plants lifetime.

NLN Series Controllers
Available Soon

Seamless Setup | Precision control | Wifi + Cloud

WiFi and bluetooth enabled hardware for the next generation of controlled environment agriculture. Backed by the Growratio cloud. Sign up for news and beta access.

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NLN-1 Enlighten Series

Light Driven Precision

Precision Control | Ultimate Quality | WiFi + Cloud

Just as life on earth is dependent on our sun, success in controlled environment agriculture is driven by light. Growratio’s patented system is the only platform that integrates industry leading LED technology with modern environment analytics and control systems to optimize growth at every stage while minimizing cost. Growratio’s algorithms work behind the scenes, utilizing modern techniques paired with deep horticultural knowledge to deliver the perfect environment required for high quality, high output cultivation.

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