Environmental Sensor Unit

A Modern Experience

The Growratio™ Environmental Sensor Unit (ESU) is an integral part of high performance, high efficiency cultivation

Never Miss A Moment

With so much time and money that goes into a grow, can you really afford to run blind? Most issues and bad crops are easily preventable if you’re ahead of the game. We’ve designed the ESU from the ground up, to help you focus on what matters most – creating the perfect environment for growth.

Precise Environmental Insights

24 hour data collection and aggregation
Advanced AI and alerting (premium feature)
Access from anywhere with Growratio™ cloud
All in one temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and VPD
Fully calibrated

Modern Hardware

Designed for long-term ownership
Software upgradeable
Serviceable sensor unit
802.11 b/g/n WiFI + Bluetooth v4.2

Powered by Growratio™ Cloud

Use from any device, anywhere
Dial in your crop faster than ever
Daisy chain sensors for multiple levels of measurements
Seamlessly integrates with all other Growratio™ equipment


Small Package Big Return

2.99″ x 2.13″ x 0.87″ | Temperature | Humidity | C02 | VPD | WiFi | No base station | Growratio™ Cloud