Growratio NLN Series

Scalable, connected and future proof – the highest ROI lighting platform available

The Complete Solution
Growratio Environmental Sensor Unit

Environmental Excellence

The modern WiFi Environmental Sensor powered by Growratio™ Cloud

MSRP $450

$410 CAD

Included USB cable & power adapter
No Base Station Needed

Now Available

Environmental Sensor Unit

WiFi + Bluetooth






  • 60 day rolling window data retention
  • 60 second polling rates
  • Daily / Weekly data views


NLN Series Lighting

Ultimate Quality and Precision

Powerful and efficient, Growratio’s patented horticultural lighting systems deliver the precise lighting environment required for any crop and any phase of growth. Natural light allows biological processes to flourish as they evolved to – just as nature intended.
  • Customizable power output (75-1050W) with integrated controls and sensing backed by Growratio Cloud
  • Durable, high quality , expert precision cut and lightweight aluminum fabrication
  • Easy to clean powder coated finish for medical and pharmaceutical applications
  • Engineered and manufactured in Canada and The first horticultural LED certified by CSA Canada

NLN1 Series Controllers

One Environment

One experience, One controller. Ultimate precision and connectivity.
Built in temperature, humidity and co2 paired with remote readings from the Growratio ESU.
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NLN Series Lighting

High Efficiency Natural Spectrum

Integrated Sensors And Control Platform | Upgradable and Future Proof | Highest Quality and Yield